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2022 Virtual Fall Conference - Moral Injury: Individual and Collective Trauma, and Its Repair

4.0 CE/CME Credits
How does moral injury occur and what steps can we take to understand and repair the damage it does to individuals and institutions?
Hear from experienced scholars and clinicians at this year’s Erikson Institute Fall Conference as we examine moral injury and repair related to:
  1. Healthcare
  2. The legacy of the institution of slavery
  3. War
Moral injury happens at the intersection of the individual, the institution, and society. Often it leaves a lasting wound to the psyche and the soul that is suffused with the experience of perpetration and betrayal.
First associated with war and military practices, we now know moral injury occurs in other social catastrophes such as the pandemic, the lasting destructive damage of the institution of slavery in the United States, and in various institutional contexts including healthcare, governance, and education.
The growing prevalence of moral injury calls for changes at the level of the community that require cultivating moral practices in leadership and policy.
Participants can expect to come away from this conference with a better understanding of moral injury in multiple contexts and practical actions they can take to aid in efforts at repair.