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We are committed to equal opportunity, a diverse workforce, and an inclusive environment. We seek to recruit, develop, and retain the most talented people from a diverse candidate pool. Our dedicated staff come from all over, bringing talents and skills they put to use in service of our mission. If you’re good at what you do, you can work anywhere. If you’re the best at what you do, come work at Austen Riggs Center! We hire great people from a wide variety of backgrounds, not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it makes our organization stronger. Apply today!

Current Openings

Clinical Staff
Clinical staff at Austen Riggs work with a treatment team of providers in an open therapeutic community.
Medical Office & Infection Control Nurse
The Medical Nurse Coordinator is responsible for the integration of patient care utilizing various processes to coordinate the medical and psychopharmacological issues of psychiatric patients. Collaborates with clinical staff and other team personnel in education, infection control, and performance improvement issues.
Therapeutic Community Staff
Under the supervision of the Director of the Therapeutic Community, the person in this position works with patients and staff to facilitate a range of social, educational, cultural, and recreational groups and activities aimed at community building across our continuum of care. Central to the role is the ability to facilitate interpersonal learning for those with a history of problematic relationships.
Operations Staff
The operations staff at the Austen Riggs Center support the clinical work of the organization and are an important part of the organization.
per diem
Must be available on weekends and evenings as needed
We are currently accepting applications for per diem drivers. This position is responsible for transporting patients, visitors, staff, board members, and/or materials to and from the Center on an as-needed basis. Trips may be within Berkshire County, as well as to Boston, New York, or Vermont.
This position is responsible for maintaining a clean and safe environment for patients and staff in various buildings of the Austen Riggs Center.
Information Technology Intern
The IT Intern assists with helpdesk support tickets. Helps resolve issues for users with printers, phones, logon issues, AV, and 365. May also work on small programming and reporting tasks as needed.
Medical Assistant/Medical Office Assistant
Full time. $500 Sign-On Bonus.
Under the supervision of the medical office nurse, the medical assistant supports the nurse and medical practitioners with several administrative tasks and clinical duties.
Research Assistant
The Research Assistant provides day-to-day support to the Director of Research in supporting the operations of both active and archival empirical research projects.
Education and Training
The Erikson Institute for Education, Research, and Advocacy of the Austen Riggs Center provides extensive psychoanalytic education and clinical training for professionals in all stages of their careers.
Elective in Psychodynamic Psychiatry
The Elective in Psychodynamic Psychiatry is designed to provide students of psychiatry (including both medical students and psychiatric residents) with a perspective that complements the medical model that is dominant in mainstream psychiatric approaches to major psychiatric illness.
Fellowship for Clinical Psychologists and Psychiatrists
We offer an Adult Psychoanalytic Training Program and Fellowship in Hospital-Based Psychotherapy for both psychiatrists (post-residency) and psychologists (postdoctoral). Psychiatrists are also eligible to apply for a two year Fellowship and psychology Fellows are eligible for licensure after completion of the first 24 months of the postdoctoral Fellowship.
Internship Opportunity
The Austen Riggs Center offers an opportunity for undergraduate students to take part in our Internship Program. This is a chance to engage directly in clinically-focused research or institutional operations under the supervision of a staff member, and to gain insight into working life at a world-class psychiatric hospital. Though undergraduates focused on pre-medical, psychology, neuroscience, or related areas are encouraged to apply, note that students from other academic disciplines are also welcomed.
In 2022, we hope to offer internships June-August, with a requirement of 65 or 100 hours on a schedule to be negotiated, and a stipend of either $1,000 or $1500, respectively. No other benefits, accommodation, transportation, or housing are provided.
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Riggs provides comprehensive benefits to our staff. Benefit offerings have evolved over time by listening to our employees and making it a top priority to offer the highest quality benefits package possible. More complete information, including summary plan descriptions, is available from Human Resources.
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