Your Treatment Experience

At the Austen Riggs Center, each patient’s treatment experience is unique. Yet all share the basic principles of our psychodynamic approach to therapy and residential treatment.

Our residential psychiatric treatment program has long been based on three principles: the importance of relationships, understanding the meaning behind your symptoms, and respecting your authority over your own life and decisions regarding the mental health services we offer. Like all individuals admitted to Riggs, your psychiatric treatment begins with a minimum six-week period of evaluation and treatment at a residential level of care.

Initial Evaluation & Treatment

During these first six weeks at Riggs, you’ll settle in and engage in aspects of the program. You’ll immerse yourself in our therapeutic community, get to know fellow community members, and begin to let yourself be known. For some, this period of six weeks is the entire duration of treatment at Riggs, but most people stay longer.

Inn Residential Programs

Riggs offers a continuum of care serving different levels of developmental needs. Our Inn Residential Programs offer patients an environment resembling a New England historic inn or college campus more than a hospital.

Step-Down Programs

Two renovated historic homes offer a space for further developing self-management, interpersonal ability, and independent living skills, along with the capacity to rejoin the various communities outside Riggs.

Our Programs and Services

Our integrated mental health programs and services are designed with the intent to foster a therapeutic alliance that can ultimately help you come to terms with whatever has been holding you back.

Patient Outcomes & Results
of discharged patients were satisfied with their individual psychotherapy
Coming to Riggs when I did was the best thing I could have done. After being a patient on a locked unit, I had a great appreciation for the open setting. I learned, when things are going badly, don’t retreat and isolate–turn to the people around you."
- Daniel
Patient Outcomes & Results
of discharged patients developed a clearer understanding about their difficulties

Start the Admission Process

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