About Austen Riggs

The Austen Riggs Center is an internationally renowned therapeutic community, open psychiatric hospital, and center for clinical education and research—a place that promotes personal resilience and self-direction in adults (18+) with complex psychiatric problems.

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The Austen Riggs Center exists to help people with complex psychiatric disorders take charge of their lives. Our work is grounded in the centrality of human relationships, understanding the meanings behind symptoms, and respecting the individual’s authority and voice in their own treatment and their own life.

Our Approach to Your Treatment

We are a residential mental health treatment center with a different approach: We treat the person, not just the diagnosis. Our caring experts work with you to illuminate the stories behind your symptoms. Time, space, and support for reflection can lead you to better understand yourself and your relationships, enabling you to resolve a range of issues and build a more satisfying life.

*Although we don’t offer treatment to people whose substance use disorder (SUD) is active or primary, many of those struggling with mental disorders have co-occurring SUDs.

Our First 100 Years

Founded in 1919 in the picturesque town of Stockbridge in Western Massachusetts, Riggs has a distinguished record of leadership in psychoanalytic thought and mental health treatment.

Our Open Campus Experience

Our verdant campus offers a quiet setting for our therapeutic community, yet we're conveniently located just two hours from Boston and three from New York City.

Austen Riggs Staff

Riggs attracts top talent to our therapeutic community, including expert psychologists and psychiatrists, clinical social workers, psychiatric nurses, and other healthcare professionals.

Careers at Austen Riggs

Our open setting and intensive mental health treatment make working at Riggs uniquely demanding and exceptionally rewarding. See our current job openings and benefits details.

Charitable Giving to Riggs

For a nonprofit mental health treatment facility like Riggs, the importance of charitable donations cannot be overstated. Please consider our wide range of options for providing financial support.

Patient Outcomes & Results
of discharged patients developed a greater ability to talk openly and honestly
I look at Riggs as the place that broke my fall. I discovered my competency and I found my voice. I started by expressing my anger about almost everything. But this expression opened many doors for me. From there, I broke the downward spiral."
- CJ
Patient Outcomes & Results
of discharged patients developed a clearer understanding about their difficulties

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For more information on our residential treatment programs, or answers to any questions, please feel free to contact us.