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At the Austen Riggs Center, mental health treatment begins with understanding you as a person.

Taking a walk through the park on our campus
Since 1919, people suffering from various mental health disorders have turned to Riggs as a place to learn, grow, and heal. Many have found our holistic approach to mental health treatment a profoundly life-changing experience, often when other psychiatric treatments have not worked. Our open campus and intensive clinical engagement offer the freedom and responsibility to recognize your problems, rebuild healthy relationships, and take charge of your life.

The Riggs Difference

You can feel it in the air of our voluntary, open, natural setting. You can hear it in the voices of our caring expert psychotherapists. And you can experience it each day in our flexible residential treatment program tailored to the needs of the individual. At Riggs, the whole person is the focus of treatment—because, while symptoms must be addressed, they also have meaning. We don’t treat just the diagnosis.

Voluntary, Open Setting

Here on our open campus in the Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts, we offer choices that balance freedom and responsibility.

Finding Meaning in Behavior

Symptoms have meanings that can be understood—and that understanding can help lead you toward recovery.

Importance of Relationships

Relationships are central in human life, and they are central in treatment at Riggs.

Taking Charge of Treatment

Your voice matters and you have authority in your own life. At Riggs you actively shape your own residential treatment. Taking charge of your treatment is part of taking charge of your life.

Disorders We Treat

Our approach helps you better understand yourself and your relationships. In doing so, you can then find your own path to recovery from many types of mental health disorders.

*Although we don’t offer treatment to people whose substance use disorder (SUD) is active or primary, many of those struggling with mental disorders have co-occurring SUDs.

People We Treat

At Riggs, we welcome adults (age 18 and up) from across the country and around the world who seek a self-directed behavioral treatment approach to help them return to a more satisfying life. Our intensive residential treatment is for people who are not in acute crisis, but for whom outpatient treatment just isn’t enough.

I look at Riggs as the place that broke my fall. In giving me the space to discover my competency, I found my voice. I started by expressing my anger about almost everything. But this expression opened many doors for me. From there, I broke the downward spiral."
- CJ, Former Patient
Patient Outcomes & Results

Your Treatment Experience

While your treatment will reflect your own choices, all of our residential treatment programs have intensive psychodynamic psychotherapy as the core, and include a range of complementary elements.

Initial Evaluation & Treatment
Your first six weeks at Riggs will let you settle in and begin treatment as you get to know fellow patients and let yourself be known.
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Admission Process

If other treatments haven’t worked, Riggs may be right for you. Our relational, patient-centered treatment approach addresses underlying issues, not just symptoms.

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Speak With Admissions

From first contact to admission consultation, follow the steps in our admission process.

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For more information on our residential treatment programs, or answers to any questions, please feel free to contact us.