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Meet Our Team

The Austen Riggs Center staff comprises therapists, nurses, clinical social workers, administrative and other healthcare professionals—all collaborating to create a therapeutic community of positive growth.

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Therapy Staff

Evan Good, PhD

Fellow in Psychology

Samar Habl, MD

Director of Admissions and Associate Medical Director

Nicholas A. Holliday, MD

Director of Medical Services

Shirin Kazimov, PsyD

Fellow in Psychology

Daniel Knauss, PsyD, ABPP

Staff Psychologist/Grand Rounds Coordinator

Megan Kolano, PsyD

Assistant Team Leader/Staff Psychologist

Kristin L. McLaughlin, PhD

Staff Psychologist/Friday Night Guest Lecture Coordinator

David Mintz, MD

Director of Psychiatric Education/Associate Director of Training/Team Leader

David Neal, PsyD

Fellow in Psychology

Rain Mason Olbert, PhD

Staff Psychologist/Substance Use Services Coordinator

Margaret Parish, PhD

Director of Patient Care


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