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The Austen Riggs Center staff comprises therapists, nurses, clinical social workers, administrative and other healthcare professionals—all collaborating to create a therapeutic community of positive growth.

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Therapy Staff

Steven Ackerman, PhD, MBA, ABPP

Accreditation Manager/Team Leader/Chair of the Austen Riggs Institutional Review Board/Staff Psychologist

John Azer, MD

Fellow in Psychiatry

Marina Bayeva, MD, PhD

Director of Psychopharmacology/Fellow in Psychiatry

Michael Blake, PsyD

Team Leader/Manager of Clinical and Organizational Evaluation/Staff Psychologist

Abigail Bliss, PsyD

Fellow in Psychology

Charles Blomquist, MD

Fellow in Psychiatry

Vivian Chan, DO, MS

Fellow in Psychiatry

Marilyn Charles, PhD, ABPP

Team Leader/Staff Psychologist

Heather Churchill, PsyD

Director of Health and Wellness/Associate Director of the Therapeutic Community Program

Sandra Delgado, PsyD

Staff Psychologist

Donna M. Elmendorf, PhD

Director of Therapeutic Community Program

Heather Forouhar Graff, MD

Assistant Team Leader/Staff Psychiatrist


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