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Meet Our Team

The Austen Riggs Center staff comprises therapists, nurses, clinical social workers, administrative and other healthcare professionals—all collaborating to create a therapeutic community of positive growth.

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Michael Blake, PsyD

Team Leader/Manager of Clinical and Organizational Evaluation/Staff Psychologist

Charles Blomquist, MD

Fellow in Psychiatry

Cheyenne Bonk, MS

Research Assistant

Lisa Bozzuto, MEd, RN

Medication Reconciliation and Utilization Review Nurse

Greg Braman

IT Administrator

Luke Conroy Breslin, MCom

Assistant Medical Records Administrator, COVID Test Site Administrator

Corinne Broderick

Medical Records Administrator

John Brosnan

Mental Health Specialist

Theresa Brosnan

Therapeutic Community Staff Member/Program Manager

Fiona Brown, LCSW

Research Assistant

Vivian Chan, DO, MS

Fellow in Psychiatry


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