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Together at Last: 2022 Alumni Reunion

October 3, 2022
By Lisa Lewis
Even while swabbing their noses for COVID testing, there were big smiles on the faces of those who were able to attend the 2022 Alumni Reunion in person. Finally—after two and a half years—Riggs Alumni could sit across from one another and share stories in the service of gaining perspective on their lives today.
In total, 82 people (45 in person, 37 remotely) attended the Reunion, which was held July 29-31 on the Riggs campus and on Zoom. The format was slightly different than previous Reunions, to accommodate COVID restrictions at the time. However, the two most important structured events of the weekend, the panel presentations and the transitions meeting with current patients, remained incredibly moving and meaningful demonstrations of the power of sharing stories and being in fellowship with one another.
One thing that made this Reunion special was the record number (going back to 1994) of current patients who attended events. Being able to help those who are in treatment at Riggs remains an important task of the Alumni Association, so it was hugely gratifying for participants to be able to offer insight and share their experience of Riggs and beyond.
This September, we will begin our next series of Alumni Zoom Social Gatherings for former patients, underwritten by Steven Ackerman, a former Riggs patient who graciously supports Alumni activities and other projects that benefit current and former Riggs patients. If you are a former patient and would like to join the Alumni Zoom Social Gatherings, please contact 
“The weekend discussions reiterated to me that the Riggs Alumni group is a powerful and helpful community.” – Nicole O., a Reunion attendee who is continuing to stay connected through the Alumni Zoom Social Gatherings
“Although I am a no longer a patient, I still deeply appreciate what Riggs has done for, and continues to do for, me and the rest of the Alumni. I'm personally a big believer in community and going to the 2022 Alumni Reunion deepened my feeling of belonging amongst intelligent, emotionally aware individuals, both patients and staff alike. I am definitely looking forward to the next reunion!” - Sarah H., reunion attendee
Thank You!
The businesses and individuals that financially supported the Reunion and other Alumni activities, as well as the Alumni group that met regularly over Zoom during the last two years, contributed significantly to the success of the 2022 Alumni Reunion.