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Supervising Integrated Psychotherapy and Pharmacotherapy

Published on:
May 1, 2023
Marina Bayeva, MD, PhD, and David Mintz, MD, authored the book chapter "Supervising Integrated Psychotherapy and Pharmacotherapy" in Supervising Individual Psychotherapy: The Guide to "Good Enough" (Edited by Katherine G. Kennedy, MD, Randon S. Welton, MD, and Frank E. Yeomans, MD, PhD).
(from the publisher)
"After 30 years of declining practice among psychiatrists, psychotherapy is being increasingly recognized as a valuable tool in psychiatric care. While this renewed appreciation offers hope for the future, a serious challenge remains: There are alarmingly few psychiatrists equipped as psychotherapy supervisors to help train the next generation of psychiatrists.
Encouraging psychiatrists to consider stepping into this important role is what makes Supervising Individual Psychotherapy such a timely and indispensable resource. With a multipronged approach that combines the theoretical and the practical, supported by illustrative clinical vignettes, this guide focuses on four key areas . . . "
ISBN: 978-1-61537-424-3