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Self-Supervision: Psychodynamic Strategies

Published on:
June 12, 2023
Jed Yalof, PsyD, authored the book Self-Supervision: Psychodynamic Strategies (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers) with co-author Marc Lubin, PhD.
From the publisher: "Dr. Marc Lubin and Dr. Jed Yalof invite future and current therapists, counselors, and their supervisors to construct ways to achieve a more extensive and effective self-awareness and develop a "self-supervisory self" for a deeper and more informed clinical practice. Grounded in psychoanalytic supervision literature, Self Supervision: Psychodynamic Strategies uses a vignette-based and instructional format to outline a clear theory and framework for teaching, learning, and strengthening one's reflective self-supervision skills. Lubin and Yalof address how to create and sustain settings conducive to self-supervision; multiple approaches to gathering critical data including note-taking, recall, and use of technology; recognizing and addressing resistance to self-supervision; and exemplars, practical tools, processes, and routines for self-reflection and incorporation of what has been learned into future sessions. Through this approach to self-supervision, therapists will unlock and articulate inner observations; gain self-awareness before, during, and after client sessions; and arrive at greater clarity about their patients."
ISBN: 978-1-53815-622-3