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Childhood and Memory: The River Running through Us

Published on:
July 29, 2022
Marilyn Charles, PhD, ABPP, published "Childhood and Memory: The River Running through Us" in the Journal of Psychosocial Studies.
From the publisher: "Identity forms in relation to the interpersonal narratives through which our histories are constructed. Psychoanalysis affords opportunities to reconsider important relationships from different vantage points and to recognise how these relationships have informed meanings and being. Entering psychoanalysis invites direct engagement with this universe of childhood, memory, meanings and also the gaps left by trauma and neglect. In this article, I consider ways in which those gaps have been active forces driving my journey towards a more competent, facilitative and generative mentoring than had been available to me."
DOI: 10.1332/147867321X16575379449182