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Spencer Biel, PsyD, Staff Psychologist

Spencer Biel, PsyD, describes his Fellowship experience at Austen Riggs.


The Austen Riggs Center was featured on the thought leadership program shown on APA TV at the American Psychiatric Association’s annual meeting in May.

Austen Riggs Center

What is Treatment Resistance?

Contemporary psychiatric treatment has helped relieve the symptoms and suffering of many individuals struggling with 

David Mintz, MD, Team Leader/Staff Psychiatrist

The last two decades marked incredible advances in the neurobiological sciences. Psychiatric residents must master an increasingly complex body of neurobiology and psychopharmacology, prompting greater focus on the teaching of these and related fields.

Austen Riggs Center

Erik Erikson made significant contributions to a broad range of disciplines, but the application of his theories to clinical practice has not received proper recognition.

David Mintz, MD, Team Leader/Staff Psychiatrist

Psychiatry has benefited from an increasingly evidence-based perspective and a proliferation of safer, more tolerable, and perhaps more effective treatments during the last two years.

Mary Carswell, Board of Trustees Member

Former Austen Riggs Center Board of Trustees member Mary Carswell speaks about the evolution of fundraising for the Erikson Institute.



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