Austen Riggs Center Virtual 2020 Fall Conference–Videos and Resources

Published on 
November 2020

Below, you will find conference presentation recordings (edited for public viewing) and a number of additional resources from the Austen Riggs Center’s Virtual 2020 Fall Conference–Suicide: Culture & Community.  

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Conference Presentations 

“Causes and Prevention of Suicide: From the Individual to the Society”  

Keynote Presenter: James Gilligan, MD, Adjunct Professor of Law; Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Department of Psychiatry, School of Medicine, New York University 


“Adolescent and Young Adult Suicide in Communities of Color”   

Presenter: Sherry Molock, PhD, Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, George Washington University  
Discussant: Katie Lewis, PhD, Research Psychologist, Austen Riggs Center  


“A Report from the Front: Suicide Prevention in Rural and Distressed Communities”  

Presenters: Brenda J. Butler, MD, Psychiatrist, Berkshire Health Systems; Michael Prezioso, PhD, Commissioner, Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, Saratoga County  


“Look for the Helpers: The Connection Between Loneliness and Suicide Among Japanese Youth and Beyond”    

Presenter: Chikako Ozawa-de Silva, PhD, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Department of Anthropology, Emory University 
Discussant: David Edwards, PhD, Charles Howard Candler Professor of Behavioral Neuroscience, Emory University  


“Life under Pressure: Examining the Cultural-Structural Roots of Adolescent Suicide Clusters”  

Presenter: Anna Mueller, PhD, Professor, Department of Sociology, Indiana University  
Discussant: Carol Gilligan, PhD, American feminist, ethicist, and psychologist; University Professor at New York University; Visiting Professor at the University of Cambridge; and author of In A Different Voice 


Suicide Prevention Resources