2015 Fall Conference Presentations

Published on 
January 2016

More than 50 clinicians and scholars gathered at Riggs in October for the Erikson Institute’s annual Fall Conference to learn together about the psychodynamics of violence as it emerges in the context of gender and sexuality and to hear from four invited presenters.

"Psychoanalytic Contributions to the Understanding of Violence: The Influence of Gender on Psychogenesis, Manifestations and Treatment"

Jessica Yakeley, MD, speaks about the role of forensic psychotherapy in understanding violent behavior, its origins, its meaning and its treatment.

"Murder Over a Girl"

Ken Corbett, PhD, brings psychoanalytic principles related to gender, hate and murder to life by presenting selected material from his soon-to-be-published book, Murder Over a Girl.

"A Meta-cultural Approach to Sexual Assault: 'I desire mercy and not sacrifice'"

Peggy Reeves Sanday, PhD, a cultural anthropologist, asks the question “Why isn’t it changing?” about rape on college campuses, simultaneously addressing “how it is changing.”

"Sex Crimes and the Public Square: Violence as a Means of Political Silence"

Noëlle McAfee, PhD, a philosopher also engaged in psychoanalytic training, explores sexual violence as a “political crime” used to silence members of a particular society and looked for the relationship to the of political silencing to the sexual violence occurring on college campuses in the United States.