2014 Creativity Seminar Presentations

Published on 
October 2014

The 2014 Creativity Conference explored the process of translation in different areas of creative endeavor in the visual medium of photography, through the embodied work of translation by an orchestral conductor, via the interpretative work of translation by a psychoanalyst and by means of the multilayered acts of translation in theater. The aim was to understand more deeply the subjective and objective nature of interpretation and translation and to stimulate our use of these ideas in our various clinical, educational, and other settings.

Conference Introduction with Ellen Handler Spitz, PhD, seminar co-director. She is a former Erikson Scholar who currently holds the Honors College Professorship of Visual Arts at the University of Maryland (UMBC), where she has been teaching since 2001.

Pradip Malde is a photographer and teaches at Sewanee: The University of the South.

Landis Smith is the artistic and production director of Enchantment Theatre Company and studied theater with Jewel Walker at Carnegie-Melon University. Jennifer Blatchley Smith is artistic, literary and education director of Enchantment Theatre Company and studied writing and theater at Bennington College.

Sara Jobin is the Chief Conductor of the Center for Contemporary Opera in New York.