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The Riggs Blog is a mix of news about clinical work, research and educational activities from the Austen Riggs Center, as well as a source for information beyond our walls that we find interesting and thought-provoking. Senior clinical experts, researchers, and editors review all clinical content on this blog before it is published.

  • Quality of Riggs experiences as reported by discharged patients.

    To promote quality improvement, the Austen Riggs Center, strives continuously to collect and analyze measures of patient satisfaction, family satisfaction, demographics, and clinical change. At the beginning and end of treatment at Austen Riggs, we measure an individual’s symptom severity and assess their overall level of functioning

  • M. Gerard Fromm, PhD, ABPP, Senior Consultant, Erikson Institute for Education and Research

    The Activities Program – offering deep engagement with one’s inner potential – is the inspiration for the annual Creativity Seminar at Riggs as well as Dr. M. Gerard Fromm’s new book, A Spirit That Impels: Play, Creativity, and Psychoanalysis. The book includes a group of papers collected over ten years from the Creativity Seminars at Riggs.

  • Sidney J. Blatt, Ph.D.

    The 2014 Riggs-Yale Conference on Early Adversity and Developmental Psychopathology began on a somber note. The opening remarks from Jane G. Tillman, Ph.D., Conference Director and Director of the Erikson Institute and Linda C. Mayes, M.D., conference presenter and professor at the Child Study Center at the Yale School of Medicine paid tribute to Sidney J. Blatt, Ph.D. who passed away on May 11.

  • Christina Biedermann, Psy.D., has been appointed the director of psychological testing

    The Austen Riggs Center is pleased to announce that Christina Biedermann, Psy.D., has been appointed the new director of psychological testing, effective in June 2014, following the retirement of Dick Ford, Ph.D.

  • Nicholas Holliday, M.D.

    The Austen Riggs Center is pleased to announce that Nicholas Holliday, M.D., has been appointed the new director of medical and ancillary services, effective Monday, March 24, 2014.

  • Austen Riggs Center mobile website

    It just got a whole lot easier to access information about the Austen Riggs Center from virtually anywhere at any time with the recent launch of the new mobile version of our website, built to be fully responsive.

  • Austen Riggs Theater program

    I lost a couple, that 'twixt heaven and earth might thus have stood begetting wonder as you, gracious couple, do: and then I lost--all mine own folly--the society, amity too, of your brave father, whom, though bearing misery, I desire my life once more to look on him.

  • Riggs-Yale Conference on Partnerships, Parenting and Family Systems

    Are you a clinician? A researcher? Do you know a clinician or researcher? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should know about the third Riggs-Yale Conference on Partnerships, Parenting and Family Systems.

  • National Nurses Week 2014

    Nursing can be a difficult, challenging and sometimes thankless profession, but it can also be a very rewarding and meaningful career choice. Each year nurses are celebrated and recognized during National Nurses Week, which begins on May 6 and ends on May 12 (Florence Nightingale’s birthday).

  • David Mintz, MD presents at the APA meeting

    Austen Riggs Center staff members are presenting at the American Psychiatric Association’s 167th Annual Meeting in New York City. This year’s program is titled “Changing the Practice and Perception of Psychiatry.” Included in the theme of change in this year’s program is the inaugural meeting of the Psychotherapy Caucus, created to promote the importance of psychotherapy within psychiatry. Here is the schedule of Riggs presentations taking place at the APA meeting.



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