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Inn Residential Program - Groups Sample Schedule

Groups Sample Schedule

Patients in the first six weeks of the Inn Residential Programs have access to:

  1. A doctoral level psychotherapist four times per week**
  2. A psychopharmacologist once a week (unless therapist is also psychopharmacologist)
  3. A social worker at least once a week
  4. Nursing staff (frequency depends on the specific program)
  5. A registered dietitian and substance use counselors (as indicated)
  6. Program groups (frequency depends on the specific program)
  7. Daily Community Meetings

**on occasion, fewer than four sessions may be scheduled due to holidays and therapist absences. Interim therapy during therapist absences is two times/week.

During open time, depending on length of stay, patients may choose to participate in any of the following:

Process Groups

  • These groups are smaller and focused around a topic.  Process group topics reflect the needs of the current patient population.

Coping Skills groups/workshops 

  • These groups focus on learning coping skills, similar to the DBT model.

Patient Government 

  • Elected for eight week terms, patients participate in meetings associated with these positions.


  • These include our art studio, theater, music cottage, music and voice lessons, greenhouse, volunteering at our nursery school, utilizing our full gym/fitness classes.  Social activities on campus are also an option (e.g. movie night, game night, etc.)

Off campus activities

  • Patients have the freedom to leave campus as they please and enjoy events off campus such as going to a movie, shopping and a meal out, or going for a hike in the beautiful Berkshire hills.