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Inn Residential Program - Groups Sample Schedule

Groups Sample Schedule

Patients in the first six weeks of the Inn Residential Programs have access to:

  1. A doctoral level psychotherapist four times per week
  2. A psychopharmacologist once a week (unless therapist is also psychopharmacologist)
  3. A social worker at least once a week
  4. Nursing staff (frequency depends on the specific program)
  5. A registered dietitian and substance abuse counselors (as indicated)
  6. Program groups (frequency depends on the specific program)
  7. Daily Community Meetings

During open time, depending on length of stay, patients may choose to participate in any of the following:

Process Groups

  • These groups are smaller and focused around a topic.  Process group topics reflect the needs of the current patient population.

Coping Skills groups/workshops 

  • These groups focus on learning coping skills, similar to the DBT model.

Patient Government 

  • Elected for eight week terms, patients participate in meetings associated with these positions.


  • These include our art studio, theater, music cottage, music and voice lessons, greenhouse, volunteering at our nursery school, utilizing our full gym/fitness classes.  Social activities on campus are also an option (e.g. movie night, game night, etc.)

Off campus activities

  • Patients have the freedom to leave campus as they please and enjoy events off campus such as going to a movie, shopping and a meal out, or going for a hike in the beautiful Berkshire hills.