Toward a unified psychoanalytic theory: Foundation in a revised and expanded ego psychology

Austen Riggs Center

25 Main St
StockbridgeMassachusetts 01262
December 3, 2021 at 12:45 PM

Virtual Grand Rounds with Morris N. Eagle, PhD

12:50 -1:50 pm

The presentation is based on the recently published book entitled “Toward a Unified Psychoanalytic Theory: Foundation in a Revised and Expanded Ego Psychology.” The main themes of Eagle's presentation are: demonstrating that revised and expanded ego psychotherapy constitutes the strongest foundation for (1) a unified psychoanalytic theory; (2) is best able to integrate relevant findings from other disciplines; (3) provides a more accurate account of the nature of psychopathology; (4) serves to better identify the nature of positive therapeutic outcome.

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1 hour