Newborn Behavioral Observations (NBO) Training Workshop

Austen Riggs Center

25 Main St
StockbridgeMassachusetts 01262
April 14, 2018 at 9:00 AM to April 15, 2018 at 4:30 PM

This training workshop will provide participants with the theoretical foundations and clinical principles necessary to enable them to use the Newborn Behavioral Observations (NBO) system in their clinical practice. Participants will first be exposed to current research on neurobehavioral development and the early parent-child relationship. Then, using film and live demonstrations, the workshop will introduce participants to the kinds of observational strategies necessary to identify newborn behavioral patterns and how to use the NBO as a way of sensitizing parents to the competencies and individuality of their newborn. Clinical guidelines on relationship-building will be discussed and demonstrated. The workshop will also examine the use of the NBO in anticipatory guidance and demonstrate how this guidance can be provided in a way that is developmentally appropriate and culturally sensitive. After the workshop, online mentoring will be offered to all participants to enable them to complete the training. A certificate of completion will be offered when this phase has been completed.


J. Kevin Nugent, PhD Dr. J. Kevin Nugent is the founder and director of the Brazelton Institute in the Division of Developmental Medicine at Boston Children's Hospital and is on the faculty of the Harvard Medical School. He is also emeritus professor at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and has been on the faculty there since 1986. He and his colleagues, Drs. Keefer, O'Brien, Johnson, and Blanchard developed the Newborn Behavioral Observations (NBO) system, which was published by Brookes in 2007.

Claudia Gold, MD – Dr. Claudia M. Gold is a pediatrician and writer with a long-standing interest in addressing children’s mental health needs in a preventive model. She has practiced general and behavioral pediatrics for more than 25 years, and currently specializes in early childhood mental health. She works as a consultant in human development at the Austen Riggs Center and has a small practice seeing children ages 0-3 together with their caregivers at Volunteers in Medicine Berkshires.

For additional information about this program, please call the Kate Jewson at 413.931.5214. 

Support for this training provided by the Berkshire United Way

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