Finding a Place to Stand: The Connection between Institutional Membership and Citizenship

September 18, 2020 at 6:30 PM

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Using stories from institutions and their members, and from his study of the experience of citizens, Dr. Shapiro will outline an interpretive method that offers a pathway for Individuals to find a place to stand with others as citizens. 

Edward R. Shapiro, MD, retired as medical director/CEO of the Austen Riggs Center in 2011 after 20 years in the role. He was a clinical professor of psychiatry at Yale, a training and supervising analyst and a founding member of the Psychoanalytic Institute of the Berkshires. After studying families and adolescents at the National Institute of Mental Health, he was the director of the Adolescent and Family Treatment and Study Center and director of Psychosocial Training and Consultation at McLean Hospital in Boston. Currently, he consults to CEOs and organizations, supervises and teaches at Riggs and does extended family consultations. In the context of the presidential election in 1996 and again this year (2020), as part of political research projects, he carried out extended interviews with unaffiliated voters in Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Dr. Shapiro is a member of the Boswell Group and on the Boards of the AK Rice Institute and the International Dialogue Initiative. He has written more than 40 papers, two books, and edited a third. His most recent book published in 2020 is Finding a Place to Stand: Developing Self-Reflective Institutions, Leaders and Citizens

1.5 hours