The Impact of Suicide on Survivors: Clinicians and Organizations


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Instructor: Abstract:

Jane Tillman, PhD, ABPPThis course reviews reactions clinicians may have to the suicide of a patient. Survivors of suicide loss include family, friends, bystanders, and also mental health professionals working with the person who dies by suicide. Increasingly the suicide of a patient is recognized as an occupational hazard for psychiatrists and other clinicians working with patients at risk for suicide. The prevalence of suicide is reviewed along with research showing the unique responses survivors of suicide loss may have including shame, stigma, need to place blame or experience blame, and other difficult emotions. The course presents a study of psychodynamic clinicians and their reactions to losing a patient to suicide and makes recommendations for how to respond to the suicide of a patient from various roles of clinician, supervisor, peer, or administrator.

Format: Videocast or Audio Podcast

Learning Objectives

To identify the reactions suicide loss survivors have that may be distinct from survivors of other types of traumatic loss.
Participants will be able to name at least five types of reactions clinician survivors of suicide loss reported in a study by Tillman (2006).
Participants will be able to define a strategy for responding to the suicide of a patient based on role.

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