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Step-Down Programs

The Austen Riggs Center offers a continuum of care which includes Step-Down Programs.Located in renovated, historic homes, these programs offer a small group environment for continuing to develop self-management, interpersonal ability, and independent living skills, and the capacity to rejoin the social, educational, and occupational communities outside of Riggs. Patients residing in these programs (described below) continue to have available 24-hour nursing staff at the Inn in an emergency. 

Elms Residential Program: Located on the Riggs campus, the Elms offers two programs in a relaxed but structured home environment. With access to the offerings of IRP-G, patients in the Elms Transition Program continue to develop peer relationships and personal resources that help them contain and learn from their experience. The Elms Residential Program emphasizes self-management, interpersonal ability, and the development of more independent living skills.  

Three distinct residential programs are offered at Lavan Hall, a residence on Main Street one block from the main Riggs campus.

Lavan Residential Program: This program encourages patients to function as a working unit and develop interpersonal and relationship skills through multiple weekly group meetings.

Main Street Program: The Main Street Program supports patients’ efforts to develop social role competence through involvement in work, school, volunteering, or re-engagement in family roles. Patients take part in practical workshops, educational offerings, groups, and one-to-one support as they become involved in activities outside of Riggs.

Lavan Apartment Program: In this program, patients share an apartment with minimal staffing, and focus on consolidating the skills required to live independently and engage in activities outside of Riggs.

In both the Main Street and the Lavan Apartment Programs, patients may taper their days of involvement in the Therapeutic Community and Activities Programs from seven days to four days while still continuing in individual psychotherapy four times a week. 

Day Treatment: This program provides groups, activities, and a supportive interpersonal network for patients who live independently in the local community while maintaining their treatment at Riggs. Patients in Day Treatment are encouraged to volunteer, attend school, or work. Over time, they taper their days of involvement and participation in Therapeutic Community Program offerings. This results in a lower cost per day, while still continuing in individual psychotherapy four times a week**. 

Remote Access Program (RAP): The goal of this program is to foster the development of greater resilience and self-reliance in patients who are living outside the Center (either in the local community or at a greater distance), while they continue intensive individual psychotherapy at Riggs. In addition to receiving the full range of Riggs individual services, either in-person or via remote access (as negotiated with individual clinicians), patients will also have access to select offerings of the Therapeutic Community and Activities Programs via remote access only. The program-specific offerings provide opportunities for continuing to develop strengths while learning about ways to seek meaningful support, including peer relationships and community engagement that allows patients to navigate the challenges of living more independently.

Aftercare: A transitional phase for patients ending their treatment at Riggs, patients who access Aftercare continue to receive individual treatment services but no longer participate in other programs. 

**on occasion, fewer than four sessions may be scheduled due to holidays and therapist absences. Interim therapy during therapist absences is two times/week.