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Clinical-Research Conference

The Yale-Riggs Conference on Parenting, Partnerships and Families is dedicated to the exploration of developmental psychopathology occurring in the context of the family system.  Each year a specific theme is considered from the perspective of theory, research, and practice.  

Designed for clinicians, administrators, and researchers, the conference emphasizes the integration of research and practice in public and private service delivery systems.  Faculty presenting at the conference are clinicians and researchers working to develop a comprehensive understanding of complex clinical phenomena from the perspective of psychodynamic theory, family systems and developmental neuroscience.  Limited enrollment allows attendees to actively participate in the exploration of the ideas presented at each meeting.  

The conference is sponsored by the Austen Riggs Center and the Yale University School of Medicine.  Continuing education credits are available through the Erikson Institute.  The location of the conference alternates between Stockbridge and New Haven.  The conference is held during the summer to allow for attendance at music, theater, and arts festivals held concurrently in each location. 

2015 Conference: The Science and Practice of Change: Contemporary Perspectives on Defining and Documenting Clinical Outcomes, June 19-20

2014 Conference: Early Adversity and Developmental Psychopathology: Research and Clinical Perspectives, Austen Riggs Center, May 16-17

2013 Conference: Addiction, Partnerships, and Parenting: Biopsychosocial Perspectives from Research and Practice, Yale School of Medicine, June 21-22.

2012 Conference: The Development of the Parent as a Person: Psychological, Neurobiological and Genetic Contributions, Austen Riggs Center, July 20-21