Why Work at Riggs?



Social work consultationThe reasons people choose to work at any given place vary widely. Riggs, like other organizations, is made better by the quality of our staff and we are even more fortunate that many of our employees choose to stay; 40% of the current staff have been at Riggs for more than 10 years.

Every December, Riggs recognizes and honors longevity milestones by celebrating employment anniversaries (5, 10, 15, 20, 25 years and more). This year, those milestones represent a collective 275 years of service.  

We asked current Riggs staff members to share what they enjoy about working at Riggs and received many responses, some of which are featured below:

Community is not only a big part of the Riggs therapeutic model but the way Riggs operates in general.  I have never felt more supported and cared for in a working environment before.
- Nicki May

I am in awe of the process between the patient, their team, and the entire community that works together with helping each patient find themselves. I have a unique job which provides me the opportunity to see the growth of patients via room inspections, working with patients as committee members and through patient work programs. This is why I am grateful and passionate about working here at ARC.
- Karen LaRocque

Riggs stands for a passionate commitment to an idealistic mission serving suffering patients. I can't imagine a better opportunity for a clinician to engage in intensive work. As the saying goes, "if you love your job, you never work a day in your life," in which case I haven't worked in over 35 years.
- Eric M. Plakun, MD

Reasonable schedule
Incredible environment
Great Co-Workers
Gratitude for an income
Swell learning opportunities
- Ellen Broderick

I love my job because no two days are ever the same. Each day I am presented with new challenges and situations which allow me an opportunity to use all of my skills and experience. Being a part of the Riggs staff and patient-staff community has provided me an opportunity to grow as a professional, a colleague, and an individual. 
- Bertha M. Connelley

Riggs has taught me that among such complicated work there is a genuine wholesomeness in the community and fostering of compassion for each other and forward motion of the Center. It is refreshing and energizing.
- A member of the administrative support staff

I appreciate the integrity of the treatment model, the dedication and intelligence of the staff, and the steadfast work of the patients.
- Christina Biedermann, PsyD

The unique setting of Riggs allows me, in my capacity, to be "myself" with our patients and with my colleagues.  It allows me to treat patients with dignity and learn from them. In 35 years as a Psychiatric Nurse, I have been given the priceless gift of being part of and witnessing "humanity" in this residential psychiatric setting; never to be taken for granted or forgotten.
- Louise Posnick, RN

There is something for everyone here! A chance to find your own niche!
- Anonymous

I am continuously learning and challenged, in a community that is both supportive professionally and personally.
- Anonymous

For current employment opportunities at Riggs, visit, www.austenriggs.org/careers.