What Does it Mean to Donate to Austen Riggs?



By Janet Cooperman Hiser

Janet Cooperman Hiser, MSW,  Director of Development and Alumni RelationsAs the holiday season approaches, thoughts often turn to year-end acts of charity. Many in the Austen Riggs Center community make the generous choice to support our mission and our work.

What does it mean to donate to Austen Riggs? For some it is an expression of gratitude for the care that they or their family member received here. For others, it is an investment in our unique training and education program, and for still others it is a way to support our scholarship and influence within the broader clinical community.

Our donors say it best:

I have come to the conclusion that a gift to Austen Riggs has an exponential effect, not only because former patients can become contributing members of society, but also because many of us are now making contributions to Austen Riggs.

I knew right away that I definitely wanted to [make a gift to] Austen Riggs because I knew I would not be alive today if it wasn't for them.  And I knew that most of what you do…goes into helping the patients and goes back into the Riggs community to make better programs.

I wanted to do something that had meaning for me. Riggs has a rich foundation, built by some of the best psychoanalytic thinkers of the last century and kept constantly relevant and alive by contemporary thought and treatment within a community structure. Riggs is a beacon and a model for other treatment programs and even for individual clinicians working with a very complex group of patients. I would hate to see any of that lost or compromised.

If you are interested in making a gift to Austen Riggs, you may donate online or feel free to or contact Janet Cooperman Hiser, Director of Communications and Advancement at janet.hiser@austenriggs.net or 413-931-5333. In addition, if you plan to do any holiday shopping on Amazon.com, please consider making your purchases through AmazonSmile and 0.5% of your purchase will be donated to the charity of your choice, including Austen Riggs.