Social Media Research and Advice for Parents: An Interview with Dr. Emily Weinstein



During a visit to the Austen Riggs Center earlier this year, Emily Weinstein, EdD, spoke with us about a number of topics ranging from her interest in social media research, her work with Project Zero and Common Sense Media, and advice for parents concerned about children’s social media use. 

Dr. Emily Weinstein Talks About Her Interest in Social Media Research

Dr. Emily Weinstein Shares What Has Surprised Her While Researching Social Media

Dr. Emily Weinstein Shares Advice for Parents Concerned About Children's Social Media Use

Dr. Emily Weinstein Talks About Her Work with Project Zero and Common Sense Media


About Emily Weinstein, EdD

Dr. Weinstein studies how social technologies influence the social, emotional, and civic lives of adolescents and emerging adults. She is a postdoctoral fellow at Project Zero, a research center at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and a visiting research scientist at Franciscan Children’s Hospital’s adolescent inpatient mental health unit. She works regularly with school and families, including through her work with the non-profit organization Common Sense Media. Dr. Weinstein’s research appears in academic journals including Journal of Adolescent ResearchNew Media & SocietyInternational Journal of Communication, and Computers in Human Behavior. Her work has also been covered in popular publications such as TIME MagazineThe Atlantic, and The Boston Globe. Dr. Weinstein holds a master’s degree in Prevention Science & Practice and a doctorate in Human Development & Education, both from Harvard University.

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