Creativity Seminar to Open with Performance by Renowned Enchantment Theatre Company



This year’s Creativity Seminar is organized around the theme of Translation and will begin at the Austen Riggs Center on Friday, August 1, 2014 at 7:00pm with a theatrical performance of Mother Goose by Enchantment Theatre Company, a non-profit arts organization based in Philadelphia. According to their website (enchantementtheatre.org), “the company presents only original work based on classic stories from children’s literature, using its signature blend of masked actors, pantomime, magic, large-scale puppets, and original music.”

Enchantment Theatre describes their Mother Goose production as follows:

Inspired by the rich musical imagery of composer Maurice Ravel, we enter the world of Mother Goose as she tells the enchanting stories of her childhood. As she blends her personal history with familiar fairy tales, magic takes hold and she is transformed into each romantic heroine, experiencing youth, lost love, and new possibilities. With the prick of a finger Sleeping Beauty falls into a hundred year sleep. Beauty meets the Beast for the first time. Tom Thumb drops breadcrumbs through the forest seeking his way home. The Princess of the Pagodas defeats the evil sorcerer and saves the Serpent Prince. These stories ultimately lead Mother Goose through a journey of self-discovery, peace, and redemption. Set to the score of Ravel’s “Ma Mère L’Oye,” the piece is performed onstage in front of the orchestra* with the company’s signature blend of puppetry, masked actors, magic, dance and pantomime.

Building on the more than 30 years of theatrical experience of its artistic directors, Enchantment has become known for high quality imaginative productions, taking one of its major works on the road each year to reach school groups and families in 30-40 states reaching on average 100,000 children each year, totaling more than 1 million since the year 2000. 

The Philadelphia Weekly has remarked on Enchantment’s “superb design work and eye-popping special effects” and stated “Beautifully choreographed, the company’s movement-based productions effectively mix mime and dance into a stylized ballet of color and sound that entrances...”

There is still time to register for the Creativity Seminar and experience first-hand the wonder of Enchantment Theatre on Friday evening and a broad spectrum of presentations on Saturday during the day. 

To hear what Seminar Co-Director, Ellen Handler Spitz, PhD, has to say about this year’s Seminar, visit: www.austenriggs.org/blog-post/2014-creativity-seminar-translation-august-1-2.

*Note: this performance will feature recorded music in lieu of a live orchestra.