Cyberbullying Causes and Potential Interventions: An Interview with Dr. Christopher Barlett



During a visit to the Austen Riggs Center earlier this year, Christopher Barlett, PhD, spoke with us about a number of topics related to cyberbullying including advice for parents, the creations of a theory to explain cyberbullying processes, and how intervention efforts can utilize the theory to reduce cyberbullying. 

Dr. Christopher Barlett Shares How He Became Interested in the Topic of Cyberbullying

Dr. Christopher Barlett Talks About the Trends Seen in Cyberbullying

Dr. Christopher Barlett Talks About the Reasons Behind the Emergence of Cyberbullying

Dr. Christopher Barlett Shares Advice for Parents About Cyberbullying and Online Spaces

Dr. Chris Barlett Talks About How He Approaches the Topic of Aggression With His Students

Dr. Christopher Barlett Shares His Impressions of Austen Riggs


About Christopher Barlett, PhD

Dr. Christopher Barlett earned his PhD in experimental social psychology from Iowa State University. His research focuses broadly on the variables and psychological processes that predict aggression. Recently, he has created and validated a theoretical model to posit why individuals cyberbully others. His goal is to use psychological research to inform interventions to hopefully reduce cyberbullying and aggression in the world.

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