Gender Identity, Research, and Advice for Parents: An Interview with Dr. Aron Janssen



During a visit to the Austen Riggs Center earlier this year, Aron Janssen, MD, spoke with us about a number of topics ranging from his gender identity work, current research interests, and advice for parents on topics of gender and sexuality.

Dr. Aron Janssen Reveals the Origins of His Work in Gender and Sexuality

Dr. Aron Janssen Discusses Surprises and Changes in His Gender Identity Work

Dr. Aron Janssen Offers Advice for Parents on Topics of Gender and Sexuality

Dr. Aron Janssen Talks About His Current Research


About Aron Janssen, MD

Dr. Aron Janssen is currently the director of the Gender and Sexuality Service at NYU Langone’s Child Study Center, a service he began several years ago with the goal of improving treatment outcomes for transgender and gender nonconforming children, adolescents, and adults. Through the clinical service, he provides personalized gender assessments and individual and family therapy, as well as school consultations and professional development.

Dr. Janssen also runs a consulting service at NYU Langone for children with medical conditions who are in need of psychiatric help. In this service and in his practice, he works closely with patients and their families, as well as a team of psychiatrists and psychologists who work together to ensure that best practices are followed and patients receive compassionate care.

Dr. Janssen is currently participating in several research projects. As a member of a research collaborative—the Adolescent Gender Identity Research Group—he works with other investigators in Amsterdam, London, Toronto, and other places to collect information on transgender youth in an effort to better understand their needs. He is also studying the impact of care for children with co-occurring gender dysphoria and psychiatric disorders.

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