Early Intervention with High-Need/Low-Resource Populations is Focus of 6th Annual Riggs-Yale Conference



Riggs-Yale Conference on Developmental Psychopathology, Family Process, and Social Context: Early Intervention with High-Need/Low Resource PopulationsStockbridge, MA – July 18, 2017 – The Erikson Institute of the Austen Riggs Center is pleased to announce the 6th Annual Riggs-Yale Conference on Developmental Psychopathology, Family Process, and Social Context. This year’s focus will be: “Early Intervention with High-Need/Low-Resource Populations.”

Jointly planned and presented by the Austen Riggs Center, the Yale Child Study Center, and the Yale Department of Psychiatry, the conference will bring together researchers and project leaders from both institutions who will describe community-based programs designed to provide care to high-need/low-resource populations. The aim of the conference is to learn about specific approaches to understanding various forms of childhood adversity and to engaging the family system to mitigate risk and promote healthy development.

The conference will be held at the Austen Riggs Center on Saturday, July 29, 2017 and will feature the following presenters and presentations:

  • Nancy Close, PhD, IMH-IV – “Minding the Baby” 
  • Donna Elmendorf, PhD, and Claudia Gold, MD – “The Discovering Your Baby Project”
  • Linda Mayes, MD – “Attachment and Preventive Intervention: Some Introductory Comments”
  • Thomas J. McMahon, PhD – “Thinking about Fathers: Men as Parents in Systems of Care”
  • Nancy E. Suchman, PhD – “Mothering From the Inside Out”

Registration for the conference is $175 and can be completed online at: www.austenriggs.org/2017-Riggs-Yale, or by calling Erikson Institute Education Coordinator Samantha Blache at [413] 931.5230. Continuing education credits will be offered.

For a complete listing of upcoming events at the Austen Riggs Center, visit: www.austenriggs.org/conferences.

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