Online IOP for College Students and Emerging Adults in MA

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The Austen Riggs Center staff comprises therapists, nurses, clinical social workers, administrative and other healthcare professionals—all collaborating to create a therapeutic community of positive growth.

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Therapeutic Community Staff

Theresa Brosnan

Therapeutic Community Staff Member/Program Manager

Heather Churchill, PsyD

Director of Health and Wellness/Associate Director of the Therapeutic Community Program

Janet Cremins, RN

Therapeutic Community Staff

Donna M. Elmendorf, PhD

Director of Therapeutic Community Program

Peter Hummel, MA

Therapeutic Community Center Group and Activities Coordinator/Program Manager

Cornelia Kalischer, LSW

Program Manager/Therapeutic Community Staff Member

Mitra Kukic-Potrebic

Mental Health Specialist

Gary Osborne, MFA, MAT

Substance Use Counselor

Nick Pohl, MSW

Assistant Program Manager/Therapeutic Community Staff Member

Dylan Quinn

Therapeutic Community Staff Member

Arti Roots Ross

Therapeutic Community Staff Member

Brenda St. Pierre

Centerwide Community Coordinator/IRP-G and IRP-N Program Manager


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