Austen Riggs Celebrates 100 Years

Since its founding in 1919, Riggs has been a place where patients have worked with staff to find meaning and reclaim lives worth living. While much has changed, the centrality and importance of human relationships and of respecting the competent voice of patients have remained constant. 

In 2019 we are reflecting on the past, looking toward the future, and celebrating this remarkable milestone. There will be a curated exhibit of Riggs history open to the public, a major two-day conference on September 21-22, and other events throughout the year. Stay tuned!

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The Austen Riggs Center is celebrating 100 years and looking back at historical moments that got us to where we are today.     Austen Riggs is celebrating its' Centennial Year and will be having an exhibition at the Corner House on Main Street in Stockbridge.    The Austen Riggs Center is celebrating its 100th year. Check out the events happening to celebrate 100 years.       Please consider making at gift to the Austen Riggs Center during its Centennial Year.    Share your Riggs experience with us during its Centennial Year.  

Celebrating 100 Years of Lives Reclaimed

Dr.Eric Plakun Gives an Overview of the Centennial Celebration

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