E. Virginia Demos, EdD
E. Virginia Demos, EdD, Staff Psychologist
Staff Psychologist
Therapy Staff

Dr. E. Virginia Demos is a member of the therapy staff and a past Erikson Scholar at Riggs. She is the chair of the Erikson Scholar Search Committee. A clinical and developmental psychologist, infant researcher and teacher, she is Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Demos has been a teacher of early development and a clinical supervisor for over twenty years in training hospitals and at the Harvard Graduate School of Education where she was the director of the Program in Counseling and Consulting Psychology. She was also the director of a private psychotherapy clinic in Boston. Dr. Demos has published over twenty articles and book chapters on affective development in early childhood and the central role of affect in shaping psychic organization. She has also edited a book entitled Exploring Affects: The Selected Writings of Silvan S. Tomkins. She has received several research fellowships and is a founding member of the International Society for Research in Emotion (ISRE). She has recently served on the board of the Children’s Health Program in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.

Dr. Demos graduated from Radcliffe College, and received an Ed.D. from Harvard Graduate School of Education. She received postdoctoral research training at the Children’s Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts, postdoctoral clinical training at the Solomon Carter Fuller Community Health Center, and the inpatient children’s unit at New England Memorial Hospital in Stoneham, Massachusetts, and completed course work at the Chicago Institute for psychoanalysis.