Nursery School

Austen Riggs Nursery School campus in Stockbridge, MA

Drawing from the mission of the Austen Riggs Center and the professional expertise of its clinicians, the Riggs Nursery School fosters a supportive learning environment that extends from the school to the home. The curriculum provides a strong foundation that combines physical and social development with language, literacy and problem-solving skill building for children ages 2.9 to 7.

A child-centered, “learning laboratory” environment with an innovative curriculum that meets the students’ individual needs, students are encouraged to explore, investigate and fulfill their natural curiosity about the world around them. Under the careful guidance of the school’s director, children develop at their own pace and learn that school can be an unending adventure—one that inspires a lifetime of discovery.

A unique aspect of the school, the Austen Riggs Center offers families the opportunity to learn and grow as parents, alongside their children. This support and connection includes parent group meetings with clinicians and the nursery school director to discuss topics of interest to the group, as well as a resource library on parenting. For information about enrollment contact Ilana Ackerman, MSW, Director at (413) 931-5288.

Austen Riggs Center Nursery School children