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Now Accepting Applications for the Fellowship Program

Fellowship Curriculum

The Austen Riggs Center is now excepting applications for the Fellowship Program.

We offer an Adult Psychoanalytic Training Program and Fellowship in Hospital-Based Psychotherapy for both psychiatrists and psychologists. Psychiatrists are also eligible to apply for a two year Fellowship. Our psychoanalytic training program is fully accredited by the Accreditation Council for Psychoanalytic Education (ACPEinc). The Fellowship is housed within the Austen Riggs Center’s Erikson Institute for Education and Research. Our training takes a systems perspective, emphasizing cultural and familial contexts, as well as individual development, in the tradition of Erik Erikson.


  • adult psychoanalysis;
  • psychoanalytic psychotherapy; and
  • a hospital-based systems approach.

The Fellowship also includes a personal analysis and didactic seminars with a distinguished faculty.


Our robust, in-depth program prepares Fellows to

  • work effectively with complex, challenging, and often inadequately treated psychiatric difficulties;
  • teach and supervise others;
  • navigate a complex treatment setting; and
  • contribute to the body of knowledge about disturbed development and its treatment.

Fellows also learn to think across disciplines and to consider how their learning might be applied more broadly.


  • individual psychoanalytic psychotherapy four times a week;
  • work with families;
  • psychological testing (for psychologists);
  • psychodynamic psychopharmacology (for psychiatrists); and
  • work within a therapeutic community program, where learning is focused on the application of psychoanalytic understanding to group phenomena and the development of leadership and consulting skills.


Prerequisites for psychiatry applicants include completion of a psychiatric residency. Psychology applicants must have a doctoral degree in psychology from an APA-accredited program and a year of clinical internship at an APA-accredited or APPIC-listed site. The Austen Riggs Center provides an excellent and competitive salary and benefits package, including support for two years of personal psychoanalysis. View and download an application here

Dr. Megan Kolano describes the Fellowship experience at Austen Riggs in the video below.

For more information on the Fellowship Program, contact Director of Human Resources Bertha Connelley, PHR, at [413] 931.5206.

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