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Yasmin Roberts Memorial Lecture with Rosemary Balsam, M.D.

Austen Riggs Center

25 Main St
StockbridgeStockbridge, Berkshire 01262
May 10, 2013 at 8:00 PM

Remembering the Female Body When Our Patients Talk to Us

Rosemary Balsam M.D. is a British doctor and an American psychoanalyst. She is a Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists of London, an Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry in the Yale Medical School where she has taught psychotherapy at the Dept of Student Health since coming to New Haven from Belfast, N. Ireland in the early 1970s. A Training and Supervising analyst at the Western New England Institute for Psychoanalysis, she is also in private practice. Her special interest is in female development, and in 2012 she published “Women’s Bodies in Psychoanalysis” (Routledge), about how the body is represented and theorized in analysis. In 2005 she was the National Psychoanalytic Woman Scholar for APsaA. Her articles deal with gender issues, mothers and daughters and prizewinning papers on the topic of “the vanished pregnant body” or how psychoanalysis tends to ignore pregnancy and delivery as an imagined aspect of a girl’s future that she confronts in her development. In January 2013 she was the plenary speaker at the Winter meetings of   APsaA. On the editorial boards of PQ and American Imago, with her husband Paul Schwaber, she is an editor of the Book Review section of JAPA.

Surprisingly little attention is paid to the actual body and its import in our field nowadays. This presentation will focus on the female body, and its modes of exclusion historically, and in the present. Dr. Balsam will give a brief tour of analytic and cultural thinking about the body through the eyes of Freud, Klein, Kohut, and the influence of the postmodern turn in relational theory. Two short case vignettes will demonstrate oblique and direct references to the body, and their importance to the patients’ dynamics.


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2 hours