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Jane Tillman, PhD, ABPP

Welcome to the Erikson Institute for Education and Research of the Austen Riggs Center in Stockbridge, MA.  Established in 1994, the Erikson Institute provides a place for psychoanalytic education, research, and community engagement.  The mission of the Erikson Institute is to provide clinicians, educators, researchers, and scholars with opportunities for a complex conversation about how to understand and respond to the problems faced by individuals, groups, and society.  

Embedded in the rich tradition of the Austen Riggs Center and the psychoanalytic hospital treatment of adult patients, the Erikson Institute accomplishes its mission through many offerings:  conferences, lectures, partnerships with other organizations, community engagement, clinical research, the Erikson Scholar-in-Residence program, a specialty library and growing archival collection of historical significance in the field of psychoanalytic hospital treatment, and national and international professional education provided by our staff via our online communities of learning.  

For over 65 years we have been committed to the clinical training of postdoctoral psychologists and post-residency psychiatrists.  The Erikson Institute offers a four-year ACPEinc accredited fellowship in psychoanalytic studies and advanced psychoanalytic psychotherapy, a renowned faculty of psychoanalysts for teaching, and Senior Consultants noted for their specific expertise.

The Erikson Institute is named for Erik H. Erikson who was on the staff of the Austen Riggs Center for ten years, bringing his understanding of development occurring across the lifespan and a commitment to humanistic inquiry at the level of the individual, and importantly at the level of society and culture. Erikson’s psychosocial perspective broadened the field of psychoanalysis and shaped generations of clinicians.  Studying the individual and society in a cultural context and through interdisciplinary collaboration remain central values of the Erikson Institute.  I invite you to explore our website, attend our conferences and other events.

Jane Tillman, PhD, ABPP
Evelyn Stefansson Nef Director of the Erikson Institute for Education and Research

Featured Resources

E. Virginia Demos, EdD, Staff Psychologist

E. Virginia Demos, EdD, former Austen Riggs Center staff psychologist, discusses trauma and its treatment at Riggs, a psychiatric hospital with an open setting.

Jane Tillman, PhD, ABPP, Director of the Erikson Institute for Education and Research

Jane G. Tillman, PhD, ABPP, director of the Erikson Institute for Education and Research, talks about the wider application of the Erikson Institute.

Image of book cover: Treatment Resistance and Patient Authority: The Austen Riggs Reader

In this book, readers are given an in-depth view into the psychodynamics systems perspective of treatment resistant disorders, with illustrations of the value of including family therapy, and developing and using a psychodynamic treatment team. Also offered is the first description published in book form of the newly-defined area of psychodynamic psychopharmacology—an approach to the use of medications that attends to the meaning of medications to the patient and clinician, as well as to their pharmacologic effects.

Dr. M. Gerard Fromm, former Director of the Erikson Institute for Education and Research

Dr. M. Gerard Fromm, editor of Lost in Transmission, Studies of Trauma Across Generations, and former Director of the Erikson Institute for Education and Research, explains how psychotherapy and family treatment at Riggs can help to break the cycle of transmission of trauma.

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