The Austen Riggs Center is proud of its dedicated staff, people with diverse talents and skills devoted to our mission of helping patients with treatment-resistant disorders become people taking charge of their lives. The Riggs open setting and our therapeutic community create a unique workplace for staff.  Employees work closely with patients and staff while maintaining appropriate professional boundaries.  For new employees, finding your way into the Riggs culture will inevitably take time, but we are all available to help you learn our unique way of working. We will work to help you use and develop your capacities so that you can fully join our collective effort.

The following employment opportunities are available at the Austen Riggs Center:

The Austen Riggs Center is seeking a Director of Patient Services to direct the Center's nursing services.Senior Leadership Positions

    Director of Patient Services

Austen Riggs is seeking an experienced nurse leader to direct a complex and relationship-based psychiatric nursing service.  As a member of the Center’s senior leadership, the Director of Patient Services works collaboratively with other specially trained clinicians to provide the highest quality care for patients in a fully open and voluntary therapeutic milieu.

Social Workers at the Austen Riggs Center are an integral part of an interdisciplinary team.Medical Staff Positions

     Clinical Social Worker

     Staff Psychiatrist or Psychologist

Austen Riggs is looking for a Clinical Social Worker and a Staff Psychiatrist/Psychologist to serve as integral members of the interdisciplinary psychodynamic treatment team.

Nursing Staff Positions

    Staff Nurse

Austen Riggs seeks a Staff Nurse to be responsible for the provision of a safe and growth promoting community environment.  The focus is on the establishment of a therapeutic relationship, which maximizes the dignity of individual patients through support of their healthy, adaptive functioning.  

The Austen Riggs Center is proud of its dedicated staff, people with diverse talents and skills devoted to our mission of helping patients with treatment-resistant disorders become people taking charge of their lives.Support Staff Positions

     Maintenance Technician

Austen Riggs seeks a full time Maintenance Technician to provide responsive and skilled building and grounds maintenance with attention to safety, hospital and regulatory standards, performance improvement, and efficiency while performing all duties. 


Fellowship for clinical psychologists and psychiatrists in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and Advanced Psychoanalytic Studies

  • Psychiatry applicants must have completed a psychiatric residency. 
  • Psychology applicants must have a doctoral degree in psychology from an APA approved program and a year of clinical internship an a APPIC listed site.
  • Application for both tracks of the Fellowship program must be received by January 10 for Fellowships beginning in the summer.

Elective in Psychodynamic Psychiatry

Medical students eligible for this rotation will already have completed a core clinical rotation in psychiatry. One or two medical students at a time are invited for a rotation that is up to eight weeks in duration. Residents in psychiatry may also pursue rotations up to eight weeks in duration.

What are Riggs staff members saying:

That's my favorite thing about Riggs actually, is that you never stop learning. You learn about yourself, you learn about the treatment, and about people. 
- Staff member

Community is not only a big part of the Riggs therapeutic model but the way Riggs operates in general.  I have never felt more supported and cared for in a working environment before.
- Administrative support staff member

Riggs stands for a passionate commitment to an idealistic mission serving suffering patients. I can't imagine a better opportunity for a clinician to engage in intensive work. As the saying goes, "if you love your job, you never work a day in your life," in which case I haven't worked in over 35 years.
- Clinical staff member 

I love my job because no two days are ever the same. Each day I am presented with new challenges and situations which allow me an opportunity to use all of my skills and experience. Being a part of the Riggs staff and patient-staff community has provided me an opportunity to grow as a professional, a colleague, and an individual. 
- Administrative staff member

Why work at Riggs? 

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