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The Riggs Blog

The Riggs Blog is a mix of news about clinical work, research and educational activities from the Austen Riggs Center, as well as a source for information beyond our walls that we find interesting and thought-provoking.

  • Erikson Prize winner, Andrew Solomon

    On Saturday, August 16, from 1:00-4:00pm, the Austen Riggs Center honors this year’s three recipients of the Erikson Institute Prize for Excellence in Mental Health Media at a Media Colloquy: 

  • Scott Stossel

    The 2014 Erikson Institute Prize for Excellence in Mental Health Media is awarded annually to writers, reporters, producers, or editors who have made major contributions to public understanding of mental health issues. The Erikson Institute of the Austen Riggs Center is pleased to announce that the 2014 recipients are: National Book Award winner and Pulitzer Prize finalist, Andrew Solomon; editor of The Atlantic magazine and New York Times bestselling author, Scott Stossel; and investigative reporter on staff at The Washington Post and author, David Finkel.

  • Ilana Ackerman, MSW, Nursery School Director

    It may have been a rainy day on Friday, June 13, 2014, but inside the Community Center at Riggs, hearts were full, gratitude was spoken and fourteen preschoolers, along with a room full of parents, caregivers, Riggs staff and patients celebrated the inaugural year of the newest incarnation of the

  • ARC Scholarship illustration

    June 11, 2014 – Stockbridge, MA – The Austen Riggs Center Scholarship, given annually since 1977 to a graduating student from Berkshire Community College (BCC) who has exhibited academic excellence in the Behavioral Sciences, has been awarded this year to Misty Cooper. 

  • Eamon McCrory, PhD, DClinPsy from the Developmental Risk and Resilience Unit at the Anna Freud Centre

    Last month, clinicians, researchers, educators and others gathered on the Austen Riggs campus for the third annual Riggs-Yale Parenting Conference.

  • Erikson Prize winner, Andrew Solomon

    Five years ago, the Erikson Institute for Education and Research at the Austen Riggs Center developed the Erikson Institute Prize for Excellence in Mental Health Media with the goal “to reward and encourage sophisticated, accessible work on mental illness and recovery, and to stimulate conversation about the broad range of mental health issues, including how to dispel stigma and promote well-being.”

  • Medication

    While most patients at Riggs take medications as part of their treatment, we don't see medications as the most important component of treatment that we have to offer.

  • Stigma

    Concern about unacceptable shortfalls in the VA system’s ability to respond to the medical and psychiatric needs of veterans is not new. The Associated Press reminds us the issue was unearthed by a task force appointed by former president George W. Bush eleven years ago and was reported again two years ago in a Senate hearing. Of course, the problem will only grow as large numbers of active duty soldiers leave the military and enter the VA medical system.

  • Dr. Christina Biedermann, staff psychologist at Austen Riggs Center

    Papers from the 2012 Fall Conference, "Untold Stories, Hidden Wounds: War Trauma and Its Treatment," were recently published in a special issue of Psychoanalytic Psychology (April 2014).

  • Quality of Riggs experiences as reported by discharged patients.

    To promote quality improvement, the Austen Riggs Center, strives continuously to collect and analyze measures of patient satisfaction, family satisfaction, demographics, and clinical change. At the beginning and end of treatment at Austen Riggs, we measure an individual’s symptom severity and assess their overall level of functioning



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