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Many people who come to the Austen Riggs Center have struggled with substance use in the past. Because of the depth and intensity of the work that takes place here, we ask that patients achieve a sustained period of abstinence prior to admission. Our substance abuse services acknowledge that maintaining sobriety requires a network of support. Upon admission, certified substance abuse counselors provide an initial assessment and offer ongoing individual support. They help patients support each other by facilitating a weekly substance abuse group and by connecting interested patients to self-help groups in our local community. Our substance abuse counselors are integral members of our clinical teams and help reinforce our community’s commitment to maintaining an environment free from the adverse influence of alcohol and other substances. 

Blog Posts About Substance Abuse Services at Austen Riggs

Hear Austen Riggs Center staff talk about Substance Abuse Services.Substance Abuse Services

Hear Michael Sugarman, CADC II, former substance abuse counselor, talk about the substance abuse services offered at Austen Riggs.

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