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Image of book cover: Taking the Transference, Reaching Toward Dreams

"One of the aims of this game is to reach to the child's ease and so to his fantasy and so to his dreams."

Image of book cover: Lost in Transmission

A central thesis of this volume is that what human beings cannot contain of their experience – what has been traumatically overwhelming, unbearable, unthinkable – falls out of social discourse, but very often onto and into the next generation.

Lost in Familiar Places: Creating New Connections Between the Individual and Society is a publication by Edward R. Shapiro, MD and A. Wesley Carr.

"We live in a world of accelerating change, marked by the decline of traditional forms of family, community, and professional life. Both within families and in work-places individuals feel increasingly lost, unsure of the roles required of them. In this book a psychoanalyst and an Anglican priest, using a combination of psychoanalysis and social systems theory, offer tools that allow people to create meaningful connections with one another and with the institutions within which they work and live."



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