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Austen Riggs is studying how doctors prescribe medication.We are studying a model of how doctors prescribe medication. This model has been practiced at the Austen Riggs Center for more than 15 years. To better understand if this model may be useful to other doctors, outside of the Austen Riggs Center, we have developed it into a Manual of Psychodynamic Psychopharmacology. This research study will help us to assess the ease of use of this manual and whether it may be useful for broader clinical education and clinical practice. 

The first phase of research following the development of a draft manual is to make sure that the manual makes recommendations that are usable for doctors. To do this, we will rate how specific recommendations are followed by doctors, using video of recorded sessions. Based on what we learn, the manual may be edited to make sure that it is an effective and usable guide for research and treatment. 

Benefits of Participating

  • There are no direct benefits from this study. However, you will get to see the process of research and will be able to see a review of the study when it is over.  
  • The main benefit is to society. This study will help us learn more about the ways in which we prescribe medications at the Austen Riggs Center, with the long-term goal of training others in this way of prescribing.

Risks of Participating

Risks in this study include the following: 

  • You may feel some distress due to the presence of the camera and/or the knowledge that your session is being recorded.   
  • People prone to paranoid or suspicious feelings may experience more distress. 
    • If you feel you might be too distracted or suspicious about being recorded, you should let us know, and consider not participating in this study.  
  • There may also be risks that are unforeseeable at this time. Any distress you feel may be discussed with your doctor.  
    • You or your doctor may turn off the camera and/or discontinue your participation in the study at any time.  

For a more comprehensive description of potential benefits and risks and protocols for human protection, please refer to the informed consent documents for participating psychiatrists and patients.

For a full description of the research, including its significance, methodology, risks, and benefits, please see the attached document.

Additional eligibility requirements will be discussed at an initial screening meeting if you choose to participate in the study.  

David Mintz, MD, Principal Investigator - 413.931.5315
Kathryn Gallagher, PhD, Project Manager, Psychodynamic Psychopharmacology Initiative - 413.931.5279

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