Intensive Dynamic Assessment (IDA)

What is Intensive Dynamic Assessment (IDA)?

Psychological testing at the Austen Riggs Center.IDA is a new mental health assessment service being offered by the Austen Riggs Center that provides an integrative psychological evaluation to: clarify psychological difficulties, address the contexts for presenting problems, and identify appropriate treatment resources.

The psychological assessment lasts two or three days and consists of

  • interviews with you;
  • interviews with your family members/significant others;
  • psychological testing, and, when appropriate, neuropsychological screening;
  • medical and medication consultation;
  • verbal feedback (a written report is sent within two weeks); and
  • assistance with referrals.

Who should consider this service?

IDA is designed for adults (18+) struggling with anxiety, depression, challenging life transitions, loss of motivation, or any number of mental health issues that are negatively impacting their lives. Whether you are unsure how to navigate mental health treatment services or feeling “stuck” in a current treatment, IDA can provide clarity and focus to deepen your understanding of the troubles you are facing.

Why should someone consider IDA?

IDA offers a unique opportunity to bring experienced clinicians, using a range of assessment tools, together with individuals and their families in a short period of time. Our team is committed to supporting you through the assessment process and assisting with referrals to the treatment necessary to work through the challenges you are facing.

Our team views symptoms as a person’s best efforts to manage distressing experiences and worries. As such, the psychological assessment grounds diagnostic clarification in meaningful contexts, attending to how the ways someone thinks, manages feelings, and relates with others are intricately connected to their efforts at growth, even when their approaches have become maladaptive. By clarifying these behaviors in context, people gain resources to be more in charge of the choices they make.

What can someone expect?

Findings from the assessment are integrated to provide a personalized, narrative description of your struggles. Moving beyond diagnostic assessment, we address the particular features of, and relevant contexts for, your difficulties, and the benefits and costs of your coping strategies. Through this tailored approach we are able to recommend specific, appropriate treatment resources to meet your needs. If you are already situated in a treatment that has felt useful but is not progressing, we can help clarify factors contributing to the impasse.

Sample Assessment Schedules

What is the cost of IDA? Is it covered by insurance?

The cost of the two-day individual IDA is $10,000.

The cost of the three-day individual and family or individual and spouse IDA is $12,000.

The IDA is a private-pay, out-of-network service. Insurance companies will likely cover some aspects of the assessment, and we will facilitate coverage to the best of our ability. 

Who do I contact for more information?

If you, your family member, or a patient of yours would like additional information about IDA or to speak with someone regarding a possible appointment, please call 844.868.4988.