Health and Wellness Coordinator

                       The Health and Wellness Program at the Austen Riggs Center offers patients an opportunity to enhance their overall health and wellbeing though a range of offerings.

Part Time 5-10 hours a week 

The person in this position will develop and oversee the Center’s health and wellness program, part of the clinical systems strategic initiative.  The coordinator will collaborate with clinical leadership to envision, develop, and implement a range of offerings related to enhancing physical and mental health (including, for instance, yoga, qigong, relaxation, meditation, fitness, nutrition, etc.).  The coordinator will work directly with patients and clinical staff to promote and integrate these practices into treatment plans, consistent with the open setting and the Riggs philosophy of treatment, respecting each patient’s individual needs, abilities, and choices.  The coordinator will teach and provide supervision for other teachers of specific practices, and will also provide broader education about their uses and rationales to patients, staff, and the wider community.  

Required qualifications include:

- Ability to teach and/or supervise teachers of one or more health and wellness practices (e.g., yoga, qigong, mindfulness, etc.).  
- Certification in one or more of these practices preferred
- Master’s or doctoral level clinical degree preferred
- Ability to understand and support the values and philosophy of the open setting
- Demonstrated organizational skills and leadership capacities
- Experience in a therapeutic community or residential treatment setting
- Ability to use a computer, telephone, and other office equipment.

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