Erikson Institute Organizational Consultation Service

The pace of change today and the increased stresses of contemporary work life regularly challenge organizations.  Leaders lose focus.  Management is overwhelmed.  Roles and tasks become confusing.  Relationships with clients or with boards are strained.  Staff become disheartened and embattled.  The work and the workers suffer.  

One of the core interests of the Erikson Institute is in working with organizations to address these issues.  An outreach initiative related to our therapeutic community program, the Organizational Consultation Service brings a dynamic systems perspective to this consultative work.  Based on the conviction that organizations succeed by learning from the experience of members in their work roles, we offer organizational assessment and intervention in the service of understanding the systemic obstacles to organizational development. 

The Consultation Service works primarily with human service organizations in Berkshire County and the surrounding area, offering focused, short-term consultation on a pro bono or low-fee basis.  The Service is also the training venue for Riggs staff to develop skills in organizational consultation.  All trainees have advanced degrees and participate in an organized program of seminars, workshops and supervision.

Consultation services address:

  • Leadership development and clarification of authority
  • Managing change processes
  • Workplace climate and culture
  • Critical incident processing
  • Mission diffusion
  • Role dilemmas 
  • Team functioning
  • Board relationships

In the last several years, we have carried out consultation projects with a number of human service institutions, ranging from mental health organizations to community service organizations (e.g., a philanthropic organization and a community radio station), from the Berkshire community to Portland, Maine, and from an intensive event (e.g., a weekend retreat for founders of non-profit organizations) to ongoing consultation through a major leadership crisis.  In the words of a member of a weekend Leadership Retreat: “We did more work in those three days than we could have in three years of meetings here.” 

For questions or to discuss a possible consultation, please contact Lee Watroba, Erikson Institute Program and Community Outreach Manager, at 413-931-5284.