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The Austen Riggs Center offers short-term, paid internships for undergraduate students in clinically-focused research or other areas of institutional operations. To join our mailing list for future internship opportunities or to apply for current openings, fill out the form below.
Summer 2022 Intern Opportunities
The following intern opportunities are available for summer 2022. In your Application Form please list the three of most interest to you. Final assignments will be determined by the Austen Riggs Center.
Measurement Informed Care from Remote Access Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for College Students
Supervisor: Seth Pitman, PhD, Associate Director, Remote Access Intensive Outpatient Program
Area: Clinical Research
Time Commitment Required: 65 hours
Project Description: Collection and analysis of clinical data over the course of patients’ treatment in the IOP to better understand the struggles facing this population and their engagement in our program.
Intern Assignment: Assist with data collection, database development, analysis, and research of relevant treatment process and outcome literature.
Special Skills Needed: Basic knowledge of statistical software, including SPSS and Excel, is helpful but not necessary.
Eating Disorders and Metacognition: Investigating Metacognitive Strengths and Weaknesses Over Time
Supervisor: Marilyn Charles, PhD, ABPP with Sandra Delgado, PsyD – Staff Psychologists
Area: Clinical Research
Time Commitment Required: 100 hours
Project Description: This is an ongoing research study of metacognitive vulnerabilities in eating-disordered individuals. The study uses archival research subject data and has no contact with living subjects.
Intern Assignment: Code subject interviews with Metacognitive Assessment Scale (MAS) in which raining will be given to intern); study family and life histories; and psychological testing data. Will include data analysis and data entry.
Special Skills Needed: Basic knowledge of statistical software, including SPSS and Excel, is helpful but not necessary. Must be engaged in learning about clinical assessment and willing to commit time to educational reading.
Archival Processing Internship
Supervisor: Alison Lotto, MLIS, Manager of the Erikson Institute Library, Archives, and Operations
Area: Library & Archives
Time Commitment Required: Either 65 or100 hours
Project Description: Work with supervision from Librarian/Archivist in the processing of a collection of clinical and personal papers. The intern will be responsible for research, arrangement and description and the creation of an online finding aid in ArchivesSpace archival management software. The intern may participate in other archives activities including accessioning, appraisal and digitization.
Intern Assignment: Working alongside Archivist, prepare and provide assistance with arrangement and description of records. Perform preliminary review of archival records and manage quality control of finding aid metadata. Assist with additional project goals as needed.
Special Skills Needed: An interest in archives and knowledge of or willingness to learn ArchiveSpace. If you have an interest in archives or records, and are potentially considering graduate school in archives or records, this may be for you.
IT Helpdesk Analysis Project
Supervisor: David Belliveau, CISSP, C/CISO, Director, Information Technology
Area: Information Technology
Time Commitment Required: 100 hours
Project Description: The IT Helpdesk is a platform for Riggs staff to request IT support as needed. Helpdesk Knowledgebase provides self-help resources for users. This project will analyze the effectiveness of the Helpdesk and identify areas for future improvement.
Intern Assignment: Working as part of the IT team, analysis of Helpdesk usage and Knowledgebase metrics to identify effectiveness and areas where improvement will have maximum impact. Help build these reports, then come up with a system for Knowledgebase improvement. You will learn real-world problem-solving skills and be exposed to the latest technology in MS 365 and phone systems. This is a great opportunity if you have an interest in IT systems and root cause analysis.
Special Skills Needed: This does not require a seasoned IT person; if you have an interest in expanding your IT skills this may be for you. Needs basic skills in Excel, analysis, reporting, identifying problems, and coming up with creative ideas to address them.
Operationalizing the Follow Along Study Data Repository
Supervisor: Kim Hunter-Schaedle, PhD, IRB & Research Compliance Administrator
Area: Research Compliance
Time Commitment Required: 65 or 100 hours
Project Description: The Follow Along Study (FAS) Data Repository is a vast clinical research dataset collected at the Austen Riggs Center. We are operationalizing the Repository to increase its accessibility for research.
Intern Assignment: Converting extensive paper files to electronic format. Reviewing, scanning, and labeling documents, adding to the electronic cloud, keeping a log of what has been scanned. Once documents are scanned and uploaded to the cloud, you will be responsible for confirming they are ready for shredding. You may also have the opportunity to participate in other projects.
Special Skills Needed: Basic knowledge of statistical software, including SPSS and Excel, is helpful but not necessary. Attention to detail.Also … patience. For some people, this might be a tedious and repetitive project! But if you are interested in clinical data management, it may be right for you.
Applications are due by April 15, 2022.
Required for your Application:
  • A completed internship application
  • Cover letter
  • Resume/CV
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Copy of COVID-19 vaccination card
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