Substance Use Disorder/ Addiction

  • Medication

    Throughout America, individuals, families, and clinicians are struggling to make treatment available to those who need it. Meanwhile, the deaths of successful and wealthy celebrities demonstrate how extraordinarily difficult overcoming opioid addiction can be, as well as making it clear that addiction does not discriminate based on social status or economic means.

  • Claudia Gold, MD

    Riggs staff member Dr. Claudia Gold discusses a component of the Austen Riggs Center Human Development Strategic Initiative. 

  • Addiction

    If you tuned into cable news during the last month you may have seen two more politicians engulfed in scandal. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was caught smoking crack and Congressman Trey Radel (R-FL) was caught buying cocaine. The recent events have sparked extensive coverage in the media, political discussions and ample material for comedians. It seems that politicians behaving badly creates a place for society to wrestle with views on addiction and individual responsibility.

  • Jane Tillman, Ph.D., Director of the Erikson Institute for Education and Research.

    Dr. Jane Tillman will present at the Erikson Lecture at the Yale Child Study Center on April 2, 2013.



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