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Admissions Consultation

OPEN FOR ADMISSIONS: The Austen Riggs Center has put in place new COVID-19 screening protocols to resume admissions and we are actively processing referrals via telephone (1-800-517-4447). 

New Admissions guidelines from the Austen Riggs Center.

The three-hour admissions consultation is a final step in the admissions process, and it is our hope we will be able to offer admission at the conclusion of the consultation. The day usually begins with a patient-led tour. Then, the prospective patient meets with the admissions officer, while accompanying family members meet with a social worker, who begins gathering family history. Next, the prospective patient and his or her family meet together with the admissions officer. At this time, family members are asked to give their perspectives on the problems, the Riggs treatment approachis explained, questions about it are answered, and financial considerations are reviewed. Based on the information obtained during this process, the admissions officer may or may not offer admission. Approximately ninety (90) percent of patients seen for an admissions consultation are offered admission. Some decline the offer and, ultimately, eighty-five (85) percent of patients who get to the point of an admissions consultation are admitted.

Negotiating a Partnership in the Admissions Consultation

Entering the Riggs Community

  • The new patient meets with his or her sponsor (another patient who has volunteered to help a new patient get acquainted with Riggs).
  • A room is assigned.
  • The patient and family meet with the Business Office to discuss financing the stay, make the prepayment, and sign a guarantee of payment form.
  • The patient and his or her family may have lunch at the Inn with the sponsor, to experience the setting more fully and meet other patients.  
  • The patient meets his or her psychotherapist and psychopharmacologist in the afternoon.
  • The patient meets with a member of the nursing staff later in the day.

When Admission is Denied  

On those occasions when the admissions officer decides against admission, he or she will outline the reasons and offer alternate treatment recommendation.

If you have questions, please call Admissions at: 1-800-517-4447,
Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., EST or contact us.