About Austen Riggs Center Emails and Text Messages (SMS) Subscription Service for COVID-19 Updates

The Austen Riggs Center (Riggs) is offering this subscription service solely for the purpose of sharing COVID-19 related alerts. To protect Personal Health Information (PHI), the content of the emails and texts we send will only alert recipients that updates have been made to the Riggs COVID-19 webpage. Message frequency will vary and depend upon the number of updates warranted. Please refrain from responding directly to these messages or transmitting any PHI using this service.  

For users opting for email alerts, the service is free. 

For users opting for text alerts, message and data rates from your carrier might apply. 

Terms & Conditions 

By subscribing to this service you agree to the following Terms & Conditions. Most wireless service providers provide text messaging service. While there is no charge to sign up for wireless updates, your wireless service provider may charge per message. Check with your provider for details on additional costs. Carriers are not liable for delayed or undelivered messages. 

User Privacy 

Riggs uses Constant Contact and Twilio to send e-newsletters, notices and text messages to subscribers. To subscribe to Riggs COVID-19 updates by email, you must provide an email address. To subscribe to Riggs COVID-19 updates by text messages, you must provide a mobile phone number. Only Riggs staff who send newsletters, notices, or texts via Constant Contact and/or Twilio and the staff members who monitor the results of email and text initiatives have access to the subscriber lists. Riggs, Constant Contact, and Twilio never allow access to the subscriber lists to anyone outside of CDC for any purpose. 


For texts: To opt-out (discontinue receiving text messages from Riggs), reply STOP from your mobile device to 413-298-6515. We will confirm your opt-out by text and you will not receive any additional text messages from Riggs unless you opt-in again. For emails: email UNSUBSCRIBE to info@austenriggs.net. We will confirm your opt-out by email and you will not receive any additional email messages from Riggs unless you opt-in again. 

Help with Riggs COVID-19 Updates Email Service 

If you need assistance with the Riggs COVID-19 email or text alert services, please contact info@austenriggs.net or call 413.931.5245. 

Other Questions for Riggs 

Email:  info@austenriggs.net 
Call: 800.517.4447 


Riggs is not liable for any delays in the receipt of any SMS messages connected with this program. Delivery of SMS messages is subject to effective transmission from your wireless service provider/network operator.